Aesthetic Operations

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Aesthetic Operations

In our clinic, we perform aesthetic operations for the clients who wish to gain a better appearance and a new image. Aesthetic operations are performed by our experienced aestheticians who are experts in their fields. In case of need, we can ask the opinion of our doctor in our center before and during the application.

For application details and information about other operations performed in our clinic, you can contact to our center. 

Semi-permanent tattoo

Semi-permanent tattoo is a method developed for the individuals who have suspicions about their tattoo wishes and who are worried to get bored in the future.  

Semi-permanent tattoos are applied on the same areas using the same tools and methods used in permanent tattoos. Only difference between two methods is the paint to be used. Just after the application and during the following few years, it is impossible to distinguish permanent tattoos and semi-permanent tattoos. However, permanent tattoos last a lifetime while semi-permanent tattoos last up to 5 to 10 years. The paint used in semi-permanent tattoos starts to fade after five years and gradually fade away in process of time. Semi-permanent tattoos leave no trace behind just like you have never had a tattoo.

Permanent Eye Make-up

Natural and organic paints used in make-up applications can be also used in permanent eyeliner application. Permanent eye make-up lasts approximately two years. It is ideal for those who have sensitive eyes and who are allergic to make-up. It is a popular application for those who wish to facilitate the daily life and shorten the time spent for make-up.

Permanent eye make-up operations have three kinds: Dipliner, eyeliner and eyeshadow liner (farliner). The method to be applied depends on the individual’s preference and her eye shape and form.

Eyeliner is ideal for those who wish to have bigger eyes. In permanent eyeliner application, eyes look more distinct and bigger. 

Dipliner application is performed to make bottom eyelash more distinct. This operation doesn’t show the eyes bigger and more distinct. It highlights the eyelashes and makes the looks clear. 

Unlike other two methods, eyeshadow liner (farliner) ensures a misty far look. Thanks to this application, permanent make-up image is created. 

Prior to the application phase, eye contour area is disinfected. Following the color selection, suitable needle is selected and application area is anesthetized using anesthetic creams. The application process takes about one hour. Following the application, water contact should be avoided on application area for about one hour.

Powdering Eyelash Contour Method

It is a shading method which is applied with frequent needle injections directed to epidermis where micro pigments stay at surface layer of the skin. Despite the similarities with filling method, the filling method Is more distinct and clear.

The lines and colors are blurred and misty in shading method. It can be applied to weight the eyebrow structure which is rare in microblading and to support the microblading method. Powdering Eyelash Contour Method can be applied to those who have normal eyelash structure but have local rareness to provide an aesthetic appearance.

Eyebrow Formation Using Microblading Technique

Single-use disposable hygienic needles are used for Microblading hair stroke. Using these needles, thin hair-like strokes are created between current eyebrows with the use of organic paints and the eyebrow is formed. Despite the similarities with tattoo, it is applied to basal layer of the epidermis unlike the tattoos. It doesn’t last a lifetime.

Before the application phase, the application area of microblading technique is disinfected. Preliminary drawing is made considering the complaints and requests of the individual. Following the consent, anesthetic cream is applied to the skin where the operation is performed and the operation starts just after narcotization. Undesired surprises can be avoided by preliminary drawing.

Silk Eyelash

Eyelashes are among the most fragile hairs of our body. Most people don’t have abundant eyelashes. However, it is accepted fact that voluminous and curved eyelashes add an extra beauty to their beauties. The beauty effect which previously was provided using fake eyelashes had results just the contrary because of the artificial looking of those eyelashes. But now, it is possible to achieve this natural effect using silk eyelashes.

Silk eyelash products that we use in Belle Beauty Club are the latest and top-quality products which look very natural and produce better results. These operations are performed by our specialist friends who are experts in their fields and who follow the latest innovations and developments and improve their skills day by day.

Lip Coloring

We can ensure those who are not satisfied with the color or aesthetic nature of their lips to have desired lip appearance using permanent lip coloring method in a short span of time.

To vitalize the faded colors of your lips or to remove the asymmetric deformations due to structural reasons, discolorations and for thin lips, you can prefer permanent lip coloring method instead of lipstick use to gain a natural appearance.


It creates foundation effect on and gives luminance to the skin. Just after the operation, visible decreases are observed on acne and stains on the skin. This operation should be repeated in three sessions every ten days. Its effect lasts one year on the average.