Cold Lipolysis


Cold Lipolysis

Cold Lipolysis is a method which is also known as Cryo Lipolysis. Especially in regional lipoidosis, fatty tissue is blocked by the device head and frozen up to -8 to -10 degree Celsius. By this means, the fatty tissues are crystallized and removed/discharged from the body. When compared to surgical liposuction method, it has no adverse effects and it is painless. You can achieve the results in an hour. The fats in relevant region are burnt and never occur again.

Frequently Asked Questions

On which parts of the body can it be applied?

Cold Lipolysis can be applied to any part of the body with regional lipoidosis especially to abdominal area, waist circumference, inner and outer legs, hipline, low back and back.

What are the requirements/preparations before Cold Lipolysis?

It is not recommended to be full or to drink coffee before cold lipolysis application. Since it may cause misleading in measurement, it is not applied to female clients when having their period. Physical exercises may be done before and after the operation. The patients can return to their works and social lives just after the operation.

Should Cold Lipolysis Accompanied with Diet and Sports?

Just like every slimming and tightening methods, when Cold Lipolysis application is supported by a diet or sports, it gives much better results. The patient is recommended to drink at least 2,5 liters of water a day before and after the operation. Drinking herbal teas are also helpful.

Does Cold Lipolysis Cause Weight-Loss?

Cold Lipolysis generally doesn’t cause weight-loss. However, it causes significant decrease in regional lipoidosis and slimming up to 2 to 4 cm in relevant region.

Cold Lipolysis Application in Belle Beauty Club

Following the determination of the cold lipolysis application in our center, the client will drink 2,5 liters of water. Then, measurements are performed on application area. Following the receipt of the consent form, problematic region is covered with membrane pads. Cold Lipolysis heads are placed. First intensive heating and then significant freezing operation starts.

In our clinic, we use a 4-head device so we can use 4 heads together and larger regions can be treated in shorter period of time. A session lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour on average. The client is very comfortable during the session that he/she can read a book or use his/her mobile phone to view social media.

Deep massage is applied after Cold Lipolysis application. Deep tissue massage or lymph drain is recommended for a week to facilitate the removal/discharge of fat cells included in circulation from the body. Cold Lipolysis may not be applied to the same region within 2 months. The main effect can be observed within four to six weeks. The control measurements are performed after 4-6 weeks.