Hi-Fu – Nonsurgical Facelift

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Hi-Fu – Nonsurgical Facelift

The HI-FU method, also known as non-surgical face lift, is repair of subcutaneous connective tissue with the help of focused deep ultrasonographic waves. Ultrasonic waves are sent to 1-1,5 cm depth, and even using a long wavelength providing cap up to 4-5 cm depth of the subcutaneous connective tissue, and therefore micro-level damages caused by heat under the skin facilitate the production of collagen tissue and replacement of subcutaneous losses. This provides an absolutely effective treatment for sagging skins and skin relaxation. The HI-FU method itself is a treatment method alone but it can be applied as complementary treatment for different treatment methods (such as spider web, mesotherapy etc.).  

The HI-FU method is applied for saggings and lipoidosis on double chin and saggings on lower-face, inner legs and inner arms for the purpose of the recovery of relevant areas. It is frequently applied on cleavage, neck, double chin, face, forehead, eye contour, inner arms, inner legs etc.

The effects of the operation generally last more than one year but it varies depending on the individual factors. It can be repeated more frequently depending on the needs and expected effects.

Important Note:

The most significant matter for the success of HI-FU operation is the duration of the operation and intensity of the light to be applied. It depends on an individual. Therefore, this operation should be performed by an experienced specialist doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

On whom can it be applied?

HI-FU method can be applied to anyone aged 18 and above. It is frequently applied on cleavage, neck, double chin, face, forehead, eye contour, inner arms, inner legs etc.

How it is applied?

HI-FU method is applied under local anesthesia and takes about 45 minutes. Having been applied mostly in single-session, the success rate of the operation is very high.

Does it have any adverse effects?

This treatment method leaves no effect on skin. It doesn’t hinder the work, social and private life. It has no apparent adverse effect. There may be redness or swelling on skin after the operation, but they completely disappear within a couple of weeks.

Belle Beauty Club Nonsurgical Facelift Treatment Process

If it is decided to apply HI-FU method following the free examination in BELLE BEAUTY CLUB, such treatment is applied by our doctor in beauty center following the required information. If required, follow-up examination is performed a few days later. At the end of one-month period, follow-up examination is repeated and retouching operation is performed in case of any asymmetry.

No additional fee is paid for follow-up examination and retouching operation.