Hydrafacial Skin Care

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Hydrafacial Skin Care

Besides traditional skin care methods, Hydrafacial vacuum skin care is a care method developed with high technology. It is an effective method which ensures a deep cleaning where hand squeezing method is not sufficient for in-depth cleaning. The session takes about 40 minutes depending on skin type.

Hydrafacial skin care consists of the phases below:

  • Cleaning: By means of vacuum circulation system, in-depth cleaning is achieved.
  • Radiofrequency: By means of radiofrequency system, subcutaneous collagen tissue is activated.
  • Mask: By means of LED light mask phase, the skin is disinfected and gets a healthy appearance. LED light mask provides an additional effect especially on skins with acnes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hydrafacial vacuum method have any adverse effects?

Because of the included serums and vacuum method, there may occur some redness and bruises. It is a temporary effect.

How is the application frequency of Haydrafacial method?

Haydrafacial vacuum skin care should be applied routinely once a month. However, it can be applied in more frequent intervals for problematic skins with acnes.

Hydrafacial Vacuum Skin Care in Belle Beauty Club

Hydrafacial skin care in Belle Beauty Club is applied following the examination of the patient by doctor and determination of the serums to be used. The number and frequency of the sessions are determined based on needs of the patient.