Jawline Filling

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Jawline Filling

Jawline filling is a method applied to remove the effects of sagging on lower-face area which result in jawline contour. It is applied using filling materials containing hyaluronic acid. It can be applied to anyone who suffers from sagging on lower-face and cheek areas and loosening on asymmetric tissue.

Jawline filling is applied to the mid-point and side parts of the jawline, to lower-face and to the area where ear and jaw join. It is applied to remove the asymmetry due to sagging and reset the jawline thoroughly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Jawline Filling Is Applied?

If, following the examination, it is decided to apply jawline filling, application area is anesthetized using local anesthetic creams. Taking the surface deformation on application area into consideration, the amount of filling to be applied is determined and filling process is applied. The patient can observe the results immediately after the shaping process.

How Long Does Jawline Filling Last?

The effect of the Jawline filling lasts approximately 1-1,5 year. It is a medical aesthetic application within the scope of non-surgical face aesthetics.