Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal

The ice (diode) laser hair removal/epilation method is the latest technologic hair removal/epilation method. The method applies a concentrated laser light to hair roots of unwanted hair from a close distance to remove them. It is applied 4-8 sessions depending on the individual, operation success and needs. The number of sessions is determined by following the process.

This operation can be applied to anyone, whether male or female, who has and feels uncomfortable with unwanted hairs regardless of age, region and gender. The effect of the operation is permanent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Epilation/Hair Removal Safe?

If the dose adjustment is performed properly, laser epilation/hair removal has no adverse effects.

Is Laser Epilation/Hair Removal Painful?

Use of an ice laser epilation/hair removal tool decreases significantly decreases the sense of pain. The sense of pain is more in other methods using remote laser shot. We have ice-head laser epilation/hair removal tools in our center.

What are the time intervals between Laser Hair Removal Sessions?

Ideal time interval between epilation/hair removal sessions is between twenty days and one month. However, hair growth speed varies from individual to individual. Therefore, it will be evaluated after each session and the number of sessions and time intervals between sessions will be determined.

What are the requirements/preparations before Laser Hair Removal?

In Iced Diode Laser Hair Removal, laser application area should be cleaned. When all the hairs are removed, laser beams can arrive at hair roots. No cleaning is required for laser hair removals with remote shots.

Is it possible to get rid of all unwanted hairs permanently?

It is not possible to get rid of all unwanted hairs completely. However, especially in laser hair removal operations using Ice Diode laser devices, the desired result can be achieved in almost all of the hairs since the roots of light color hairs also can be seen.

Belle Beauty Club Laser Hair Removal Process

The hair in the laser application area should be cleaned prior to the application. When all the hairs are removed, laser beams can arrive at hair roots. After sessions, the growth and removal of the hairs can be observed. 

Number of sessions and the time interval between the sessions are different in each person. The success of the operation and the necessary preparations for the next session are determined after each session.