Mesotherapy, Removal Of Stains, Dermapen

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Mesotherapy, Removal Of Stains, Dermapen

Mesotherapy applications, accompanied with dermapen or their own, are both used for removal of stains on the skin, improvement of the pores and treatment of acne, under the principle of wound healing, accompanied by subcutaneous and over skin serums.

In Removal of Stains with Dermapen, firstly mesotherapy is applied in subcutaneous region using 30G thin needles and Whitening serums. Then, the serum is dripped on problematic region on one hand, and skin epidermis surface is peeled/removed using dermapen. It is left to recover. The operation is repeated after a week or two.

Frequently Asked Questions

On whom can it be applied?

It can be applied to anyone who has stains/spots on his/her face.

Does it have any adverse effects?

Occasionally, allergic reaction may be caused by mesotherapy serums. It causes skin redness but it is temporary.

Is application permanent?

Permanent solutions are offered for acne spots. Satisfactory results are also offered for sunspots but face must be protected from sunlights for a period of time after the application. If not, sunspots may appear again.

When Should Mesotherapy with Dermapen be Applied?

Removal of stains/spots using Dermapen is applied in the winter months. If it is applied in the summer months, direct sunlight will probably cause new spot formations on skin.

Belle Beauty Club Removal of Stains with Dermapen Process

In Belle Beauty Club, removal of stains is planned as 6-session or 12-session packages. Prior to the operation to be performed in the winter months, anesthetic creams are applied to the skin surface. Following the narcotization, the operation is performed. On very sensitive skins, local anesthesia is applied under the skin using needles and waited for narcotization. The operation is performed after sufficient narcotization.