Spider Web Aesthetics, Hanger Applications


Spider Web Aesthetics, Hanger Applications

Spider web aesthetics is an efficient method especially for sagged cheek and chin appearances. In this operation, it is intended to restore the parts which lost their elasticity. In these operations, we use catguts (surgical ropes) which don’t cause allergic reactions and also used in other surgical operations. By means of this operation with minimal penetration into subcutaneous region, we get effective results in short time.

The advantages of the Spider Web operation when compared to traditional face lifting operations are the ability of application in a short time, cost efficiency and fast recovery period. With this method which can be applied to anyone, whether male or female, who complains about his/her sagged face, cheek and chin; it is possible to easily have a firmer/tighter and young-looking skin.

This operation gives the best results for those who don’t have very intensive sagging and deep lines. In more extensive saggings, spider web operations should be combined and applied with other treatment methods. Your doctor will inform you about these treatment methods and the operations will start after your mutual consensus.

Despite the effect of the operation can be observed just after the operation, it is possible to get better results within a couple of weeks. The effect of the operation lasts approximately for two years but it varies depending on the individual. To increase and extend the efficiency of the operation and decelerate the aging process, various additional methods (HI-FU, mesotherapy etc.) may also be applied.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Spider Web Aesthetics is applied?

When spider web aesthetics is applied under local anesthesia, there is no pain during the operation. Organic catguts (surgical ropes) left in subcutaneous area using special needles stimulates collagen tissue production under the skin and creates a rejuvenation effect.

Is Spider Web Aesthetics Safe? What are the adverse effects of the operation?

Spider Web Aesthetics doesn’t have a specific risk. The operations performed by experienced specialist doctors are highly safe. Complications are rare. By keeping the operation points clear, the risk of infection is eliminated. There may occur some swellings, bruising and asymmetry because of the operation but these are short term effects which can be removed by application of cold compress. In our center, any issues that may pose risk will be evaluated with your doctor and you will receive true, complete and accurate information about such risks.