Sweating Treatment


Sweating Treatment

It is a treatment developed for those who suffer from excessive sweating and who wish to limit sweating in the line of his/her social life and profession.

It creates temporary loss of motion in muscles and sweating glands through injection of botulinum toxin into muscle. Depending on the expected effect, application points, muscles and sweating glands are frozen, whether in whole or in part, using appropriate doses and then the sweating is limited.

It is frequently applied on axillary glands, palms, inner hands and legs.

The average effect of the operation lasts for five months but it varies depending on the individual. Then, it should be repeated.

Frequently Asked Questions

On whom can it be applied?

It can be applied to anyone, whether male or female, aged 25 and above who wishes to limit his/her excessive sweating for any reason whatsoever.

How it is applied?

It can be applied in single-session through injection into muscle using thin-ended needles. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes at the most.

Does it have any adverse effects?

Since the needs of different individuals and different parts of the body vary, the type and dose to be applied are very important. Therefore, this operation should be performed by a specialist doctor. The operations performed by specialist doctors have no adverse effects. Only rarely, temporary bruising may be observed on area of application because of capillary vessels.

Belle Beauty Club Sweating Treatment Process

If it is decided to perform this operation following the free examination in BELLE BEAUTY CLUB, such operation is applied by our doctor in beauty center following the required information.

If required, follow-up examination and retouching operation is performed. No additional fee is paid for follow-up examination and retouching operation.