Asst. Prof. Dr. Özcan Şenmevsim

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Our Doctor Asst. Prof. Dr. Özcan Şenmevsim

Asst. Prof. Dr. Özcan Şenmevsim, the medical aesthetics doctor and general coordinator of our beauty center, specialized in Neurosurgery Department in Hacettepe University for two years following her graduation from University of Hacettepe Faculty of Medicine. Then, she received Nuclear Medicine education in Cerrahpaşa School of Medicine for 4 years and participated in research studies in this field and continued these research studies in Bonn (Germany) and Seoul (South Korea). Dr Özcan Şenmevsim previously worked in Acıbadem Hospital, Şafak Hospital, Memorial Hospital, Gaziosmanpaşa Yeni Yüzyıl University Hospital etc. 

Dr. Özcan Şenmevsim has received education in Medical Aesthetics and improved her competence with the participation in trainings in European cities such as Milano, Athens, Bonn etc. She received special training in Spider Web Aesthetics in Athens. Having over 20 years of experience and research accumulation in different fields as specialist doctor, Dr Özcan Şenmevsim has 4 years of experience in Medical Aesthetics field.

Dr. Özcan Şenmevsim currently works as academician in Bilgi University and gives lectures in Medical Imaging field.