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    In our beauty center, the following issues are observed in all negotiations with our clients and all operations applied to our clients.

    • Our main goal is to create value for our clients, meet their demands and requirements at the highest level.
    • In our beauty center, all the operations are performed under the supervision and control and with the consent of our doctor. The operations which may adversely affect the health of our clients or someone else cannot be performed just because of the client’s request.
    • In our beauty center; the nature and quality, benefits, effects and risks, if any, and effect periods and other significant issues regarding the operation to be performed are explained to our clients in details.
    • Customer complaints, feedbacks and improvement suggestions are heard with great interest, evaluated in details and applied if found appropriate.
    • All medications, serums and products used in our beauty center are high-quality and patented products. These materials are opened and used in front of our clients. The low-end products of poor quality alleged to have the same effect with high-quality products are never used in our clinic.
    • In our beauty center, no unnecessary and useless treatment is suggested to our clients. It is our priority to ensure the health, satisfaction and good and positive references of our Customer.
    • Each process applied in our beauty center is considered with “continuous improvement” principle.
    • No additional fee is requested for retouch operations such as spider web etc.