Hair Transplant

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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is the process of transporting healthy and durable hair follicles to areas where the amount of hair is reduced. It is a proven, lasting effect. Transplanted hair is not shed. 

Hair Transplantation process is applied as follows. First, blood is drawn from patient. Following the hepatitis screening in blood test, hair is cut. The location and quantity of the healthy hair follicles are determined using FUE system. Second, hair follicles are collected using forceps. Natural front line is drawn on hairless area and collected hair follicles are distributed and transplanted. The area where the healthy hair follicles are collected is dressed. The blood drawn from the patient is prepared for mesotherapy to be applied to the transplantation area. Antibiotic medicines, painkillers and edema removing medicines are given. The patient is discharged to rest. 

Second day, hair is washed and dressing is removed. The patient is discharged with medical advices. Transplanted hairs are lost within one month. Real hairs start to grow from new follicles beginning from the second month. New hairs continue to grow up to one-year period.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Whom Can It Be Applied?

It can be applied to anyone who suffers regional hair loss aged between 21 and 60.

Does Hair Transplant Have Any Adverse Effects?

It has no adverse effects.

Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out Again?

Hairs collected from healthy follicles and transplanted on hairless/bald area never fall out again.

Can Hair Transplant Method Be Applied in Beard and Eyebrow Losses?

Using hair transplant method, healthy follicles can be transferred to eyebrow and beard area.

Can Hair Transplant Be Applied to Women?

Hair and eyebrow transplantation methods applied to men can also be applied to women.

Is Hair Transplant Effective for Hair Loss in Folliculitis?

Yes, it is effective. Healthy hair follicles can be transplanted on folliculitis areas. The same efficiency can be obtained.

Can Hair Transplant Be Applied to Anyone?

When the patient sends us photos from front, back and top sides of the head, or the photos from beard or eyebrow area, it can be determined whether such area is appropriate for the hair transplant or not. Even the number of graft can also be determined.

How Do You Organize Accommodation and Transfers of the Patients from Abroad?

In the event of a patient coming from abroad, transfer and accommodation needs of the patient are organized by our clinic and all the relevant costs are included in the bundle price.

Hair Transplant in Belle Beauty Club

Patients who contact with us share their photos first. For the patients coming from abroad, we can provide any kinds of accommodation, flight tickets and transfer services when the flight time is notified to us. Following the completion of process, the patient is discharged from hospital within two days in a healthy condition.