Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

"Rhinoplasty" is a collection of surgical applications defined to restore functional properties of the nose and enhance its aesthetic appearance. Open technique and closed technique can be performed by two different methods of nose surgery. Each method is selected according to the patient and the experience of the physician.

The meaning of the word “aesthetics” is difficult to define. Contemporary fashion, media publications, cultural and ethnic characteristics can be effective in defining the word “aesthetics”. A practical approach to nasal aesthetics begins with an accurate assessment. In nasal aesthetics, the nose is evaluated as 3-dimensional, reshaped according to the transverse and vertical proportions on the face. At the discretion of the patient, this out-of-proportion shaping efforts can remove the nose from naturalness, resulting in permanent and contrived appearance. The aim of the nose is to make the nose a breathable, face-looking and natural-looking nose.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is nose surgery performed?

Nose aesthetic surgery can be performed with open and closed techniques. Nose aesthetic surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia. Open technique nasal aesthetic surgery is usually preferred because it is applied filling with cartilage membrane to nose tip.

On Whom Can It Be Applied?

Rhinoplasty can be performed after the development of the nasal bone. In general, after 18 years of nose surgery is ideal.

Bandage After Nose Aesthetics?

When the nose aesthetic surgery is completed, aesthetic bands and nasal splint are placed on the nose. Generally aesthetic bandages of high quality and texture respect are used. Likewise, the quality of the nasal splints and the structure to allow air inlet and outlet is very important.

Is Nasal Surgery A Difficult Operation?

With the minimally invasive and unbuffered nose surgery techniques performed in today's conditions, the complaints and discomforts of the patients can be minimized. Nose aesthetics should be considered separately for each patient. In order to obtain a natural-looking, face-fitting and breathing nose, the proportions on each patient's face should be evaluated separately.

How Many Days We Need To Have Been Discharged?

After operation, only one day is enough for being discharged.

How Do You Organize Accommodation and Transfers of the Patients from Abroad?

In the event of a patient coming from abroad, transfer and accommodation needs of the patient are organized by our clinic and all the relevant costs are included in the bundle price.